Dungeon Coder

Table of Contents

  1. Your First Program: Hello, Dungeon!
  2. Introduction to Variables: Chests & Treasures!
  3. If Statements: Conditional Love
  4. Python Lists: The Inventory List
  5. Python Dictionaries: Keys of Value
  6. For and While Loops: Until the End of Time
  7. User Input: Echos in the Deep
  8. Functions: Spell Caster
  9. Object Oriented Programming: The Crawler Class
  10. Linked Lists: Links of Chainmail
  11. Queues: Queue is for Queueueen
  12. Recursion: Dungeon Within a Dungeon Within a Dungeon
  13. Stacks: Stacking Enchantments
  14. Web Scraping: Scraping up Goblins

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